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Choosing Keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases your target audience will use in a search engine to find your service or product. They may differ hugely from the terms you use within your industry. With search engines increasingly generating massive amounts of local and national business, they are becoming extremely important.

This extends to covering the plural versions of words, variations, misspelling and even those that have little use. Our marketing team are experts at finding the low cost vs. high return opportunities in web promotion.

The holy grail for any business is to understand its customers and consumers, whether this be for their relationship with them offline, in the real world or online, on the internet. Often, there is more than one group to consider. Each reaching the buying decision with different encouragement.

How we can help:

Finding the right keywords
  1. Break your service or product offering into categories.
  2. Determine how many different groups buy each category.
  3. Prioritise each category and subsequent groups in order of their current or potential revenue.
  4. Research and establish the words and phrases they would use to search for your product or service.

Whilst your knowledge of your industry and clientele will be invaluable, our web and marketing teams experience will ensure the best choices are made.
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Using your keywords effectively

Search engines are purely driven by keywords. They react to the users search words and phrases.

Only websites and adverts including such terms will be shown. Even the occurrences of these terms, i.e. their density, has a part to play. Your web designer, supported by our marketing team, will assist in ensuring that your site displays the right content.

Your keywords can also be used within domain names that are chosen for marketing and advertising reasons. Web users will often be more inclined to visit a site that's web address focuses on their needs.You may check whether your preferred domain name is available here.

Our experts are able to establish which keywords your most successful competitors are using in order to enhance your efforts.

What to do next

Either as a current client or a new one, we are on hand to help you attract your current and future customers to your website, it's all part of the service.

Contact us on 0845 330 2550 to discuss how much business is passing you by.

Being spot on

If your site fails to include the exact terms your customers need, it will lose you money.



Made to work for you, your business and your budget

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