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Website Popularity

Encouraging visitors to view your site can meet a number of different businesses goals. From building relationships and satisfying the needs of your current customers to selling additional services and products to them and new customers.

In addition to promoting your web presence on all your marketing emails and paraphernalia, your website needs to be recommended by other prominent local and, if necessary, national websites for the service and products you offer.

Other than the traffic such links generate, your sites placement in search engine results will be heavily influenced by the number of other sites that link to it, especially if those sites are themselves popular. Naturally, the competitiveness of your sites industry, and how popular other sites are, will determine how popular your site needs to be.

Popularity means being top

How to get links

Whilst it is courtesy to ask a sites owners before linking to them, the majority of web pages get linked to due to the information they provide. Including information of value on your site, that is targeted to your current and potential customers, will enrich their experience and encourage links fro other website.

Links can result from agreements being made between sites (affiliate) and paid advertising, some just a few pence a click. Directories, forums and hobbyist sites are also gold dust.
Where to start

As in any networking campaign, the process of establishing the links is not complicated. Much can be done within your company, if you wish. The key is to plan an effective effort with the right negotiating experience and knowledge of the Internet.

Various companies claim to guarantee top positioning in search engines, these search engine optimisation companies, like ourselves, can only carry out certain efforts to attempt to effect search engines before they block their efforts. Unless instructed, we never put in place efforts that will result in a client's site being penalised by search engines.

Designing a properly built website with industry specific effective content is the surest way to reach the top of searches for your service and products.

Knowing your target audience and where they mix ensure that, in addition to the effect on search engine placement, you are encouraging the right visitors and your site is developed to meet their needs and your business goals.

Our experts are able to establish which websites your most successful competitors are linked from, in order to help plan your efforts.

What to do next

Either as a current client or a new one, we are on hand to help increase the popularity of your website, it's all part of the service.

Contact us on 0845 330 2550 to discuss how much search engine traffic is passing you by.

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Being popular is no longer, just, about having friends. Your website should be the most popular choice for your service and product

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