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Website Evaluation and Planning

Existing Sites

Every time we start a new relationship with a client we evaluate their current offering to establish whether they are meeting their target customers needs and optimising on opportunities

Check list for your current site:

  • Website structure ........ Many sites are invisible to search engines
  • Search engine friendly code to attract valuable visitors
  • Accessibility code to comply with the law
  • Ease of use to buy or understand your offering
  • Fast download
  • The number of potential web customers there are for your actual business
  • Which terms and phrases your target audience will use and search for
  • The popularity and status of your site
  • Whether your site makes you look professional and trustworthy
  • The cost of your current hosting and domain costs

Ask us to evaluate your site by contacting us here.

..... More help here ....... Check how well your website performs with search engines, here.

New Sites

Once the project has begun, a more thorough evaluation can be given.
Free website design advice

In the planning the development of your new site; we consider ...........

  • Your business model
  • Your business goals
  • Your target customers and consumers
  • Your staffs strengths and weaknesses
  • Your current marketing and promotional material
  • Your priorities and budget
  • Your future plans
  • Marketing opportunities

Ask us to consult on the development of your new website by contacting us here.

Company Wide Evaluation and Planning

For high profile clients, our IT Consultancy department can offer more in-depth consultation and marketing services.

This can include a full SWOT style analysis on your business to help our web and graphics staff to implement your project perfectly. Alternatively they can work from a brief you supply.

Whatever your business goals, we have the knowledge and skills to achieve them, all with the minimum disruption to you and your business.

Contact us here for an estimate or see some of our web site packages here.

Why an Evaluation?

By evaluating your site we can check if it is meeting the needs of your customers.

We also check if your site has accessibility and complies with the law.

Evaluation Features

  • Is your code accessible to everyone?
  • Search engine friendliness
  • Site loading speed
  • Search engine term evaluation
  • Your target market web needs
  • Goal clarification
  • Web strategy

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