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Website Revenue

An Internet presence can generate income in various ways.

Search Engine Traffic

100's and 1000's of local, national and international potential customers are likely to be searching for your product or service monthly. If your site is missing content, it is losing your business money. Once you establish the terms they search under, we can check the levels of revenue likely to be available with the tool below.

Place the search word or small phrase in the box and click "check". Please contact us for tools for non-UK/US markets and keyword language translations.

Search tool : Number of Uk Searches
Search tool : Number of USA Searches

How to calculate your lost revenue

Once you have established how many searches are being made for a particular service or product we need to help you establish how much those visitors may be worth to you.

Our search engine placement packages include a consultancy service aimed at carrying out this process with you.

Keyword and search engine optimisation package

Initially it needs to be determined whether your site is included when your target audience searches for your chosen keywords. Some clients are happy to undertake this process themselves, whilst others wish to employ our experienced assistance.

If your site does not appear there is likely to be a certain amount of revenue being lost. To determine this figure we need to consider how many of the visitors are likely to make a purchase and the value of these sales.

This figure will help in the evaluation of how much should be spent, on this particular keyword, in order to get their custom and the best solution to undertake to ensure the best return for your investment.

What to do next

Contact us on 0845 330 2550 to discuss how we can help you reach more potential customers and increase your revenue.

Is business passing you by?

Even the most wonderful, superbly well built site, is only as good as the text content it contains and the promotion it receives, when it comes to attracting visitors

Made to work for you, your business and your budget

We can combine our Web departments "manage your own site" Content Management System with other parts of your business


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