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Determining Your Target Audience

Knowing and attracting your target customers and consumers is essential. This, along with satisfying their needs, once you have them, are the keys to success.

The difference between the real world (offline) and your Internet presence (online) is:

  1. The level of passing trade

    Few locations get a surge of passing trade in the 1000's. On the Internet getting your positioning right can put you, your products and service in front of 1000's and 1000's of local and national trade.
  2. The speed you can change.

    Unlike renovating your physical premises or offices, changes in your website and online advertising can be instantaneous. Grabbing that stream of passing trade immediately as the opportunities arise. Whether you wish to take care of efforts yourself or instruct our team, we will know the best action to meet your business goals.
  3. The cost of change

    Compared to many marketing efforts, website optimisation, web advertising and email marketing is very cheap. Our efforts are always based on the potential revenue for our clients.

How we can help:

Knowledge is power

Teamed with your knowledge in your business and industry, we can help you establish the make up of your target audience (demographics). This includes the terms or keywords used in searching for your offering, to whether those that make the buying decision (consumers) and those that actually buy your offering (customer) are one and the same.

A parent for instance may purchase a toy, however the encouragement to do so often comes from the child. Being in place for both, with the right message, takes expertise.

Turning this information into revenue by placing you where your potential custom hangs out and where they look for your offering is one of our strengths. As is the effort to approach your target customers once you have established who they are.

Deciding a game plan

On clarifying your company's knowledge of your customers, you can help establish how to fully satisfy their needs, by building a more loyal relationship, and how to meet the pre-requisites that justify their buying decision.

Rarely is the choice of proper marketing one of time, invariably with sufficient funding the right help is available. Our team, for instance, know the web as it is their business. Subsequently our aim is to help you initially target those potential customers who display the greatest revenue potential with the least cost.

What to do next

Either as a current client or a new one, we are on hand to help you reach and communicate with your current and future customers, it's all part of the service.

Contact us on 0845 330 2550 to discuss how much business is passing you by.

Decisions decisions?

Knowing what your prospective clients think and say about your offering has never been so important.

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