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Cheap Domain Names & Hosting

Picking a good domain name is essential to your web site success, we can advise you what to look for, and will even provide you with some potential names.

We can register your domain name for you and configure it to set up all your email and website facilities. We do not charge for this extra service, we simply buy the domain at cost price for you.

We can advise on the best domains to secure for your target market, product and service. Using our domain knowledge can make a massive difference to your online efforts and the marketing of your internet presence offline.

Advice and information on chooosing the best domain name can be found here. Check whether the domain you are considering is available here or call 0845 345 2572 and we will help for free.

Cheap Website Hosting

We have partnered with the biggest hosting company in europe!!
Hosting starts at just £19.99, with many website's being suited to our £39.99 option. Additional services are available to cater for database driven sites and online stores.

We can advise on the best hosting for your business, and set up hosting for you if your current hosting is uncompetitive or not suited to your solution. Finally we configure your hosting for free whilst developing or revamping your website.

All our hosting packages, available only to our web clients, include the facility to check your email online anywhere in the world via any Internet connection and other features, such as virus scanning, spam email filters, SMS alerts, virus scanning and much more can be added.

Call 0845 345 2572 and we will discuss your needs, with pleasure.

A short, easy to remember, descriptive domain is easy for customers to pass on.

What is hosting?

Your website sits on land, connected to the internet. This hosting space is chosen to match the type of site we build you.

Domain/ Hosting Features

  • Domain names at cost price
  • Free domain configuration
  • Domain name advice for free
  • Competitive hosting with exceptional support
  • We will configure your hosting for free
  • We only charge you for the hosting facilities you need