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Matrix Stats is an extremely comprehensive web-based statistics service providing both real-time and historical information about the visitors to your website.

You can find out how many people are visiting your site, and which pages they are looking at the most.

Server Activity Reports

• Total Sessions Served
• Total Hits
• Total Page Hits
• Total Non-Page Hits
• Total Session Duration
• Total Sessions Served
• Average Hits Per Session
• Average Page Hits Per Session
• Average Session Duration
• Average Transfer/Session

Comprehensive Site Stats
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The reports date range can be changed to your requirements.

You can also check which sessions are currently in progress by using the Who's On report. The report will also display details such as: geographic location (where avaialble from their server), IP address, hit count and bandwidth usage.

Comprehensive Graphical Stats
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You can also find out who has directed visitors to your site. This feature also provides you with the information to determine which keywords and phrases visitors are entering into search engines to find your site.

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Full Guide to stats program here: Stats Guide
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