Domain name Advice

Registering a domain, is it worth it?

Your domain name is the web address Internet users need to type into a web browser to see your site. It also makes up the part of your own email address after the @ (at) sign.

The use of a free email address, provided on connecting to the Internet, gives the impression of an unprofessional company. Registering a domain name for business use is the cheapest way to give a professional impression.

How does it work?

Domains are provided on a first come first served basis. You may check a domain names availability here.

Whilst you need to avoid protected brand names and terms, your chosen domain names can only have letters, numbers and hyphens (-).

Your main domain name should be short, easy to spell, easy to remember, hard to confuse and, if possible, descriptive of your product or service.

If giving a clue to your product or service in your domain makes your domain name too long, such a domain can still be useful. As can including a reference to your location if your catchment area is defined. Longer "descriptive" domains can be perfect for paper advertising. or, for instance, can offer a cheap advert, with simply a telephone number, and can lead to a web site with more thorough information. You may check a domain names availability here.

Choosing your domain?

Choosing the best domain name is worth the trouble, especially with the low cost. Word of mouth (viral marketing) can propel your business to success and your domain helps. Many are already gone, however, they can still become available again.

.com is the most popular, however a may go down well with your potential customers if they are likely to look for a UK company.
.net can be suitable as an alternative to both and .org and are normally used by non profit making companies. All the remaining domain endings are not so popular or recognised.

Considering the terms your target customers would use to find your products or services can be the start to deciding on your perfect domain name, as discussed on our help area here.