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Hardware and Networking

Do you need a reliable platform for your Company IT?

We specialise in the implementation of hardware, networks and systems infrastructure which specifically meets the needs of your Business now, and can be developed as your company grows. For basic PC's to the latest Tablet Pc's. We even have an in-house IT Consultant to help you decide on a company wide strategy.

Services include:

  • Windows 2000 Servers and client PC's
  • Fault resistant communications
  • Remote access facilities for Salesmen on the road to their Office systems
  • Wireless networking in all branches of north London estate agents
  • Maintenance and Technical support contracts
  • Home and Home office solutions for small businesses with access to HQ facilities.
  • Email Gateways, Internet Access, Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam mail washing services
  • Backup and Data security consultancy, Disaster Planning.
  • Virtual Switchboards and VOIP for business, for companies with staff working from several UK and international locations.
  • If you want to choose the best systems to match your current knowledge and make extra training easier.
  • If your Internet presence needs improving and you need better equipment to work more efficiently.
  • If your Databases and the hardware work against you rather than for you.
Microsoft Certified Professionals
CompTIA Network+
certification and Microsoft Certified Professional (04/07)
Our most recently qualified staff member, Lesley Phillips, is at your service for network administration and maintenance


Then get in touch for a free consultation, please telephone us on 0845 330 2550

Typical Windows Server Environment for 15 Users : Details Here   Wireless BroadBand Packages : Details Here   Antivirus Suites : Details Here

What to buy?

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Certified Professional Voice Over IP,Voip, and Virtual Telephone Systems Here