Your New Website / Shop : The Process

Octavo is a feature rich roles based CMS that allows you to build and modify your site with no technical skills or training in Web development software.

Ordering your CMS

  • You order your CMS using the order form
  • Administration staff call to confirm your order and welcome you as a client
  • You make your payment via BACS or cheque
  • Once cleared, your "Project Manager" calls to introduce himself
  • During this call your needs with regards to domains, extra features, are clarified

Gathering information

  • eVamp packages get a site designed to match their old site or possibly their own design (paid for template)
  • You fill out an online information sheet, which can be reviewed here
  • eDesign clients: You view a design style guide and respond with your preferences,
    Banner examples can be reviewed here, Navigation examples can be reviewed here
    Broadband users can see both on one page here

Design Process

  • eDesign Packages: Get one website appearance (template)
  • In line with your preferences our graphic designers create website drafts for your approval (2 drafts provided)
  • Once you are satisfied with your design (2 changes to a chosen draft can be made) your project manager instructs our web development team to take over
  • Greater design efforts and a design meeting can be offered for an additional fee

Website development

  • Once your site is created, and you are fully satisfied, your optional training event is scheduled
    (Morning or afternoon when you can call for advice and help)
  • Website pages, content and images are added by your team, with our assistance if required, as an extra
  • On approaching launch our copywriters and designers offer their expertise on your website content, if required
  • If it is a "Shop Pakage", products are added by your team, with our assistance if required, as an extra


  • You add your website to the major search engines
  • Further services and assistance is made available (Launch events, advanced search engine efforts, online marketing, email templates, print design, IT services)