CMS eTender Features

  • Optional "Members Directory" to display their details
  • Members can easily adjust their directory entry
  • Easily customise the "Member's Directory" fields
  • Easily customise the Suppliers "Pre Tender Questionnaire" fields
  • Easily customise the Buyers "Tender Request" fields
  • System to take enquiries and provide them to members
  • System for members to respond to buyers
  • Become the de-facto resource to source suppliers in your industry
  • Help users approach many members with one message
  • Add value to your site
  • Eliminate claims of favoritism
  • Cut costs and improve efficiency
  • Reduce the time spent in preparing a tender sale
  • Free up staff for more productive work in other areas
  • Eliminate double, triple and sometimes quadruple handling of information
  • Automate the message processing and do away with manual processing
  • Empower your members and users
  • Work with a software system that has been successfully deployed
Settings that can be adjusted    
Buyer Email Validation:
(If new buyers need their email address validated)
Approve New Buyers:
(If new buyers need to be approved by admin)
Supplier Email Validation:
(If new suppliers need their email address validated)
Approve New Suppliers:
(If new suppliers need to be approved by admin)
PPQ Required:
(Whether the PPQ is mandatory or not for suppliers)
Notify Admin:
(If set to "Yes" buyer and supplier registration alerts
will be sent to admin)
Tender Action on Expiry::
(Action to take when tenders expire)
Adding New Tender Action:
Procurement Home Text:
(Let us know what text you want to appear on the procurement home page)