Search Engine Submission

How does it work?

Search engines automatically review the whole Internet and read through web sites and their associated pages. Some pages and sites are disregarded as worthless, whilst others are indexed within search engines results. They appear in response to the specific search text being entered by the individual searching. 100's of thousands of sites can be shown in the search results and various factors determine how high up a site is placed in those results.

Paid submission simply ensures your site is reviewed quickly and at specific intervals.

Is it worth it?

Paid submission means paid inclusion, not a guarantee or encouragement to place your website at the top of search results focused at your target audience.

Subsequently your website will have to do the rest of the work.

Its content and the quality of its underlying code will need to be search engine friendly and properly focused whilst simultaneously presenting an easy to use and relevant site for your visitors. This balancing act takes expertise, however, it goes a long way to determining whether your site will meet its objectives.

If your site is not up to scratch, then paying search engines to place your site far down in the results is pointless. In the case of poorly developed database sites, paid inclusion may increase the likelihood of the search engine including some pages.

How can it help?

If time is of the essence then paying for an urgent submission may be worthwhile. Additionally if content on your site changes often, then ensuring that the latest content appears in search results may bring a return, especially if it includes constantly changing product special offers that bring in high revenue.

Advanced search engine efforts can also be managed more effectively when our experts are aware of exactly when re-indexing takes place. This can range from 24 hours to 1 week.

Who offers them?

Lycos, Inkomi, Excite and Infospace all offer a paid submission option. However, we do not recommend their programs to clients. Either placement in other major search engines will generate a free listing already or the traffic they generate is not likely to be worth the cost.

Few major search engines, such as Google, offer paid submissions. Overture are the last remaining choice, however additional charges for clicks up and above the £30 ($49) annual review fee can make it expensive, with the minimum click cost being approximately £30. They are a good option for revenue earning sites if managed properly, as offered by our search engine professional, who charge at a rate to meet your needs.

Various Directories accept paid for submission for around £30, others accept inclusions for free. Yahoo, by far the largest player, charges around £170 ($299) to look at your site, however, they do not guarantee they will include it. Being included in these "yellow pages" style lists can increase traffic and your sites prominence in search engines.

How can we help?

Whilst it can be time consuming for a non professional to find the best directories and understand how to meet their varied guidelines, choosing the right content and category is essential for any campaign.

Our team are on hand to assist and can offer to manage paid inclusions with search engines and directories. We can also manage "pay as you go" style adverts on search engines. Such efforts can be turned off and on at will, and do not incur any set up charges or annual costs.