Pay Per Click Search Engines

How does it work?

Pay per click simply refers to placing adverts on search engines and paying a fee for any visitor who click on the adverts link to your website. This link can lead to any page within your site.

Your adverts appear in response to searches carried out on the search engine in question. With different adverts appearing subject to the words and phrases used in the search.

Of several factors that determine your adverts placement, the amount you are prepared to pay for each click can be adjusted at any time. Fewer ads will appear above your own if you are prepared to pay more than your competitors.

Is it worth it?

Adverts on a search engine are one of the few ways to quickly ensure your site and message is promoted to your target audience.

Most properly developed sites will find themselves appearing in the natural free results, however poor choice of content or limited popularity can hamper its success, and place a site after the essential first two pages of results.

We always impress on our clients that their industry expertise is essential for adding the right content (keywords) within their site and that promoting their sites popularity is very important.

How can we help?

As with any marketing, knowledge of your target prospects and understanding how they think is essential. The "choosing keywords" section within this sub site is in place to help clients through this process, either alone or with our experienced consultants. The "Revenue Potential" section then aims to establish how much revenue is currently being lost and therefore how much should be spent to capture it.

Even for a small company, this analysis can be confusing and complicated, however, getting this process right will ensure that all other efforts are not in vain. Your website and marketing will succeed far better, given the right help.